About the Ancestral Minimalist

Welcome to The Ancestral Minimalist, a blog about how to use the power of minimalism and ancestral wisdom to:

  • Lose body fat.
  • Increase muscle.
  • Boost libido.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Better manage stress.

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John Fotheringham, NTPAbout the Author

Howdy, I’m John Fotheringham, an author, educator, entrepreneur, linguist, artist, Japanophile, and certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP®). My wife Rosemary and I are on a mission to live on our own terms, doing what actually works best in the arenas of nutrition, fitness, entrepreneurship, language learning, travel, personal finance, etc., not just what is common or comfortable. Through lots of trial and error, plenty of informative mistakes, and a few fortunate successes, I have come to believe that most popular beliefs and methods are wrong; they persist because most people trust authority and want to conform to the status quo, not because they are actually true or effective. I am not perfect, still stumble occasionally, and have no intention of becoming a “guru” by hiding my embarrassing shortcomings and highlighting only the sexy successes. I can’t promise you all the answers, but I can promise you honesty, integrity, and a continued commitment to helping you succeed.